Great Photos and videos help Sell Homes and Land

May 06, 2022

Having quality photos and videos are must in selling homes and land in todays highly visual based markets.

Being in the Real Estate industry as Realtor, I get to see a lot of photos of the outside and inside of homes that have been listed to sell while searching for properties for clients.

Being a Professional Photographer and Certified FAA Drone Pilot for United Country Real Estate Kentucky Lifestyle Properties in Somerset KY, I tend to pay attention more to the quality of the photos and how the properties are being presented online.

To a homeowner who is looking to sell their home, how your home compares to others online photo wise is a big deal. The photos of your home are generally the first thing they see.

If a potential buyer sees two similar homes online that they like, or if an agent is searching for properties for a client and sees two homes which meet the criteria of their buyer, the right photos will make all the difference in whether the client wants to set up a viewing appointment of either property.

For example. The first home is very neat, inside, and outside, everything super clean, and in its place, potential buyers can see that the owners of this home have taken extremely good care of it. The second home is cluttered, clothes and toys scattered everywhere, dirty dishes in the kitchen sink, stains on the carpet, holes, or crayon marks on the walls, half the lightbulbs in a chandelier not working or the bulbs are different colors, trash in the yard, gutters hanging from the roof, yard hasn’t been mowed in weeks, are you getting the picture?

Which house would you think they will tend to lean towards making an offer on?

As a homeowner if you are thinking of listing your home, contact a Real Estate Office. Most quality agencies have either a photographer on staff or a Real Estate Photography Company they use to get the best possible photos for that listing.

Set up a meeting with the Real Estate Office and their photographer, let them view your home or property and see if there may be anything that needs to be done that will improve the quality of your photos or videos.

A lot of what I have mentioned is really very simple!

To sell your home for the highest dollar amount, it needs to be in the best photography and showing condition possible.

As my wife says, you must show it to sell it.

Buyers have to want to come see your home, so give them the very best first impression you can which is generally your online photos.