Home Inspection. Should you have a home inspection before buying your new home?

May 06, 2022

Should a home buyer have a home inspection done before buying their home. Why having a Home Inspection is a good idea.

Should you or should you not have a home inspection before purchasing a home?

Being in the construction business for over 30 years and most of that as an electrical contractor in the Central Kentucky area, I have seen some pretty scary things while working on remodels or upgrades of homes. Many that were not easily detected without looking very carefully.

If you decide that you do want a home inspection and the seller is adamant about not wanting their home inspected, you may want to walk away. For there is a reason, more than likely numerous reasons the sellers are not wanting their home inspected.

Some buyers are willing not to have any inspections, which is perfectly ok if as the buyer you have looked everything over carefully. Some buyers are handymen or women themselves and are capable of doing any repairs that need to be done to the home saving them time as well as money.

Some sellers inform buyers upfront that they are not doing any repairs that the home is being sold as is. This being said, some buyers will still have a home inspection just to get an idea if there may be any major structural damage that could be a possible dangerous situation.

Having a home inspection is a good idea whether the seller agrees to fix anything or not. For its best to spend money on an inspection which is just a fraction of what a major home repair could possibly be!

It’s better to spend several hundred dollars up front to find major damage than it is to find major damage after closing that could potentially cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Don’t be scared when you get your Home Inspectors report. There will be numerous things on that report. Dozens of things in some cases. But that is the Home Inspectors job. You have hired them to find out everything that can possibly be wrong with your potential new home. Finding small things which do not mean too much to major things which could be very costly.

Most sellers will work with you to get the problems that are found resolved. If not, it can be a good bargaining tool when negotiating the final price.

A home inspection is money well spent in my opinion. Have your realtor give you the name of several reliable and trusted home inspectors that are used regularly in their area.

Remember the cheapest is not always the best. Always get referrals.

Happy house hunting.